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Swedish Woman From Wins Progressive Jackpot While Lying On Her Sofa

By Diane Jacobs

If you live in Sweden and want to win some extra money, then
this may be the most exciting article you'll ever read.

26-year-old shop assistant Marta Öberg has had one of the best weeks of her life.
First, she just found out that she and her fiancé are expecting their first child. The second good news was much more unexpected - just a few days ago she won a 132,943 Swedish kronor (about $14,600 USD) progressive jackpot from home while lying on her sofa after work. What makes it even more surprising is that this was the first time she has played in an online casino ever.

"I still can't believe it. I think i'm dreaming! My parents raised me well. I'm not a gambler, but after playing Winner Casino's Starburst game for a few hours, I decided to go ahead and play slots with the 100 free spins they give away for free, because why not?
After playing for a little while and using using my 26th spin I hit the progressive jackpot. I thought that it was a glitch. But after closing and opening the site again it was still there - 132 943 SEK of winnings! Shortly after a representative from Winner Casino Sweden contacted me and then I knew for sure that it was real.

I used to dread waking up each morning and going to a job that I hate, all to just be able to cover my rent and bills, now I have so much freedom."
After Marta's story went viral on Swedish media, Winner Casino's management commented that their servers are getting overloaded with all the people signing and trying their luck.

After we gave a call to Winner Casino's HQ they were kind enough to make a special deal with us and are giving away 300 FREE Spins to all our readers who sign up with Winner.

Here is how to get 300 FREE Spins

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