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Canada's Gaming Company CEO Fired After a Controversial Mistake

By Diane Jacobs

In February, Mobirix’s board of directors ousted longtime CEO Jeffrey Inamoto, replacing him with Günther Falck.

The reason for the replacement was the embarrassing mistake that allowed players to get free playing credits in Tower Defence King game on Android mobile platform during the peak gaming season around Christmas holidays for almost a week.
It is believed that the company lost close to €100,000 due to this.

Tower Defence King game on Android that caused Jeffrey Inamoto his job.

Mobirix CEO Jeffrey Inamoto was fired immediately after the mistake was discovered. Now, it looks like Falck may do the same to half the company’s board.

Falck, a 57-year company insider who is also Mobirix’s chairman, plans on eliminating 3 of the board’s 5 members, the company announced last week at a presentation to investors. He will add three new members in an effort to introduce new perspectives while making the board less unwieldy.

Günther Falck plans to replace half of company's board.

What Exactly Happened?

Companies continually refresh board seats, but removing 3 at once is not common, particularly for a company as established as Mobirix. The purge—along with last week’s announcement that it will cut the dividend and slash less profitable business lines—speaks to Mobirix’s desperation in the face of pressure from investors.

New Board Members

Company's executive Egon Gartner was named to the Mobirix's board in January and it’s clear he is going to continue. It’s less obvious which one of the other board members will survive, and what effect Falck’s plan will have on diversity on Mobirix's board. One board member that is certainly going to leave the board is Thomas Jarmusch who is going to retire.

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